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          Automobile electric energy transmission framework system

          To provide customers with the world's leading unique high-voltage and low-voltage power transmission framework system arranged along with the car body structure, to save wire harness weight and cost to the greatest extent for customers

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          New energy vehicle charging system

          To provide customers with the world's leading, reliable, safe, intelligent cable and wireless charging system, unique cutting-edge technology, fully guarantee the end user's charging safety, Jetty let charging become worryfree, more efficient, more intimate

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          Automobile signal and data transmission wire harness system

          To provide customers with the world's leading electric connection and signal transmission field lean, high reliability, low cost solutions, through the leading research and development system and intelligent wire harness production technology, jetty is your best choice

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          Intelligent heating and cooling cup holder

          Self-heating, refrigerable vehicle-mounted multifunctional cup holder, integrated design, manufacture, experiment and integration of interior decoration development system

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